Spiritual Development Course  - If you have an interest in the magical and mystical, this may well be the course for you.  You’ll learn about the lunar cycles and how you can use these to your advantage, as well as learning about the Wheel of the Year and its festivals, some of which we’ll celebrate together.  You’ll gain knowledge about your aura and its energy fields, the lunar cycles and their associations, and at times there will be some guided meditation and craft work to help embed the learning.  This course is designed to enhance your spiritual journey and is for those wanting to know about this spiritual path in more depth.    

Beginner’s Tarot Course  - Are you fascinated by the tarot?  Have you bought your tarot deck and its book, read it from cover to cover, not remembered very much and then put the book back on the bookshelf as learning 78 meanings of cards just seems overwhelming?  Would you like to learn in a different way – in a much more interactive way - leaving your book behind?  It’ll also mean anything you’ve previously learned will need to be put to one side for the duration of the course as it’ll hinder your progress.    We’ll use imagery and meditation as tools for learning and there’ll be group exercises, individual exercises and homework!!!!   We’ll cover the elements, colours, symbols and numbers.  The sessions take place every 3 weeks to allow time in your busy lives to complete the homework.    

Meditation Course - This course is suitable for you if you’re new to meditation, you want to go “back to basics” and refresh what you have learned previously or if you used to meditate but haven’t done so for some time and would like to start again.  It is not a suitable course if you practice meditation on a more regular basis.  The course is designed to set you off on your meditation journey.  You will learn about the body’s aura, its auric fields and its energy centres, known as chakras which we all need to keep cleansed and balanced.  We will also focus on your breathing to help you relax and still your mind and will include some grounding and protection work.  There are 8 sessions, once a fortnight.  This is a progressive course, so it’s important you attend each session to ensure your practice develops.  The sessions are £20 each lasting 1.5 -2 hours each and each of the sessions will be dedicated to one of the main chakras so you will learn about it and its associations before moving into meditation.   If you are unable to get to a session, I’m happy to run a 1:1 session with you on an alternative date so you don’t fall behind.  

Reiki Training Courses

I am trained as a Usui Reiki Master and am happy to run my courses on a group or individual basis.  My aim is to keep the courses as simple as possible and not to over-complicate them.  I can supply further details of the content of each course if you contact me.      

Reiki I – First Degree Course      

Duration : one day      

 You will receive an attunement which will open you to the Reiki energy – an energy you can use for the rest of your life.  The energy flows through your hands and is safe to use with other therapies.      

Reiki II – Second Degree Course      

Duration : one day     You will receive a further attunement and this will enable you to practise Reiki on a professional basis.  This attunement, where you are given 3 sacred symbols, will strengthen the flow of Reiki and you will also be trained to do distance work.     

Reiki III - Master Practitioner - Third Degree Course      

Duration : one day     This course will increase the scope and effectiveness of your Reiki practice. It is a course for you if you are not sure you wish to teach Reiki and one where you where you will learn a lot of new techniques.  It is also a course for those who do know they do wish to progress to a Master Teacher level. You will be attuned to the Usui Master symbol which will enable you to release any energy blocks in yourself and others.  It will accelerate your spiritual growth and your healing and intuitive abilities.  It is helpful for you if you who would like more tools to work at deeper levels.       

Master Teacher Course     Duration : one day     You will be taught how to initiate others so they can channel Reiki energy. You will be able to teach classes and attune your students.  To do this course, you have to have taken all levels of Usui Reiki training.

This is just a brief overview of the courses I run, but if you’re wanting more information, please contact me on either or 07377 537070 to find out more about when the courses are running.  Places will be filled on a first come, first served basis.   All these sessions last around 1.5 - 2 hours each and cost £20 a session.   The cost covers any materials which may be used.  They take place in my therapy room in Naphill, near High Wycombe, which is on the second floor of my home so there are two flights of stairs to be climbed.