More about spiritual healing treatments



REIKI - What is Reiki?  It is a hands on form of spiritual healing, although a hands off approach can also be used if that is your preference.  The word “healing” is used in the sense of regaining harmony and wholeness.  The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – rei and ki.   In spiritual terms they mean a “higher intelligence” and “energy” so Reiki can be described as “universal life force energy”, or more simply spiritual energy.  I practice the Usui system which was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui in the late 19th/early 20th century.   The Usui system is a way of working with Reiki for the healing of yourself and others.  I also run Reiki courses, so why not consider Reiki training as well?

How does it work?  Reiki is a therapy in which the “spiritual energy” is channelled through a therapist into the client by the gentle laying on of hands.  It activates the natural healing processes of the client’s body to balance their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  The “healing” is safe and gentle and can also be very powerful. It will help your body to self-heal and also works on every level to balance your mind, body and spirit. Clients often describe their healing session as being wonderfully relaxing. Reiki works in conjunction with the meridian energy lines and chakras through the hand positions that are used.

 CRYSTAL HEALING THERAPY  - What is Crystal Healing Therapy? Crystal healing therapy addresses the patient as a whole, paying as much attention to your spiritual and emotional well-being as well as to your physical health. It is a holistic approach. Although there may be little scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of crystal healing, crystals have been used, revered and enjoyed for thousands of years.  This therapy is non-invasive and extremely relaxing.  Crystals are placed on the body and in the surrounding area to create a sense of calm, stillness and well-being in a relaxed environment.   It is not unusual to feel sensations such as tingling or a temperature change as the body’s energy starts to realign itself. Whether or not you believe in the physical healing properties of crystals, the therapy will give you a chance to lie back and relax so you feel refreshed and de-stressed. 

How does it work? Crystal healing therapy is based on the premise that crystals work with the energies flowing around the human body.   Each crystal has its own unique electromagnetic charge.   These charges (or “healing vibrations”) interact with the body's energy centres or chakras to remove blockages and restore a healthy energy flow through the mind, body and spirit. Crystals are chosen carefully for each individual patient as each one is believed to have a unique healing power.   They are then placed on different areas of the body which links to the body’s energy centres (chakras) and correspond with the colour of each energy point on the body.

My therapy room in my home in Naphill is easily accessible from Princes Risborough, Amersham, High Wycombe and Beaconsfield.